Degrees & Regalia

18° Knight of the Pelican and Eagle & Prince Rose Croix

Knight of the Rose Croix of Heredom (Rose Croix 18°) regalia

If accepted a candidate goes through an elaborate and impressive 18° ceremony which takes place in 4 different settings, prior to which the degrees from 4° to 17° are conferred by name. The first three degrees are those already conferred by the Craft.

In Rose Croix there is a progression as in many other Orders with our equivalents of Deacons and Wardens and an lnner and Outer Guard.

Whereas in many Orders the position of Outer Guard is left to a senior Brother in Rose Croix it is an important part of the progression and requires the Brother undertaking the role to carry out the final preparation of the various settings whilst the ceremony is in progress.

30° Grand Elected Knight Kadosh

Grand Elected Knight Kadosh 30° regalia

Those brethren who progress to and through the chair, referred to in this Order as the Most Wise Sovereign, become eligible for promotion to the 30°. Unlike the Craft or many other Orders this promotion, if awarded, is conferred in a formal ceremony which takes place at the headquarters of the Order in Duke Street, St James's, London and is performed by the Supreme Council. This is a very special event in the life of most Rose Croix Masons.

31° Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander & 32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander 31° regalia Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret 32° regalia

Further progression to the 31° and 32° is the result of dedication to, and hard work for, the Order. These degrees are also conferred in special ceremonies usually conducted at Duke Street.

33° Sovereign Grand Inspector General

Sovereign Grand Inspector General 33° regalia

The 33° is the highest that can be conferred. All Members of Supreme Council are members of the 33° as are the The Grand Patron, the Inspectors General who support and oversee each District, and some of the Supreme Council Officers.